Hello and welcome to Waimea Elementary school.

We are a public elementary school located in the town of Waimea (Kamuela) on the Big Island of Hawaii. At Waimea Elementary, a dedicated team of teachers and support staff educates approximately 559 students from preschool to grade 5. Everything we do at Waimea Elementary aligns with our goal to prepare 21st century learners to be career and college ready. Students are provided with a variety of learning experiences through out their time at Waimea Elementary. All students are provided with core instruction based on Common Core Standards delivered through the Reading Wonders and Stepping Stones programs. Students who require additional academic support are provided three levels of RTI (Response To Intervention). All students are also allowed access to garden and nutrition education classes supported through our Foodcorps grant. Electronic devices are available school-wide with upper elementary students being assigned their own 1:1 laptops. The school is also actively working on getting approved as a Blue Zones School. The Blue Zones certification acknowledges a school’s hard work to ensure the health and well being of all stakeholders. Families and parents are encouraged to become engaged in the school through home communications, volunteering, parent nights or by joining our PTSO. Follow us on Facebook (@waimeaelemschool) or Instagram (@waimea_el) for up-to-date information and school happenings.  

Thank You

Scott Tamura 



Good afternoon Broncos and Welcome to broadcast

Bronco Pledge with us


Good Job


Hi my name is _____

And my name is ______


Hey ____ how was picture taking today?  


It was fun, I hope everyone smiled.


For breakfast tomorrow we will be having portugese sausage with rice, peaches and apple juice


For lunch we will be having Turkey Pastrami Sandwich with pears, carrot and salad


This week we are focusing on GLO number 4, quality producer


You can be a quality producer by always double checking your work before you turn it in


Hey ____ how many GLOs are there?


There are 6 GLOs


Remember to be in school and on time!