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Tammy Muranaka was born and raised in the plantation towns of Pa’auhau and Honoka’a. She grew up playing in the sugar cane fields with her 4 brothers and 2 sisters and attended Honoka’a High & Elementary School from Kindergarten to 12th grade. She continued her education at Hawaii Community College earning her Associate's of Science Degree in Accounting. After a 20+ year career in accounting, Tammy got into education because she was a foster parent to special education children and wanted to learn skills to help them succeed at Waimea Elementary and Waimea Middle Schools. She started working at Waimea Elementary as a substitute educational assistant in 2008. Then in 2010, she became a full time educational assistant who goes above and beyond the job description. In 2020, she started "Aunty Tammy’s Talking Tree" giving 2nd and 3rd graders an alternative to traditional recess and a space to talk with a trusted adult. Additionally Tammy is part of Project Reach Out that goes into high schools and middle schools to talk about Suicide Awareness and Anti Bullying. If that isn't impressive enough, Tammy is also a 3-time breast cancer survivor! She is basically a super hero.
The reason Tammy does this work is because "after all these years, I found my “why” or purpose in life". Her values include honesty, integrity, and love for everyone, students and co-workers. Her vision is to reach as many kids as she can in whatever way they need.