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PCNC - Parent Community Network Center

The Parent-Community Network Centers (PCNC) serve to create supportive partnerships among the home, the school, and the community for the purposes of supporting student success, and building a sense of family and community. The PCNC are school-based centers for families, volunteers, and community to identify their strengths, collaborate, make decisions, and create partnerships as a part of the Comprehensive Student Support System. The parent involvement program and goals of the PCNC are embedded in the school’s Standards Implementation Design action plans, and serve, through a network of relationships among partners, to ultimately support parents and their children's success in school.
PCNC 2022-2023 Contact info:
(808) 313-7422
PCNC Mission:
To develop a sense of community and a caring, learning network to strengthen family, neighborhood, school, and classroom for every student's well-being and attainment of standards.