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BrainPop BrainPop creates animated, curriculum-based content that engages students, supports educators, and bolsters achievement. BrainPOP is used in numerous ways in classrooms, at home, and on mobile devices, from introducing a new lesson or topic to illustrating complex subject matter to reviewing before a test. (User name is waimeael, student password : brainpop.) This is a site that promotes students from K to 12 to learn computer programming. The site is free and you can set up an account for your student. There are also many links to other programing/coding sites.
Dance Mat Typing Dance Mat Typing is an introduction to touch typing for children aged 7 - 11 years. Each of the 4 levels are divided into 3 stages. Begin at Level 1 and build up your skills gradually through to Level 4. No password is needed.
Moby Max This program includes Reading, Math, Science and Social studies. It is available for students to use at home. They can get their sign on and password from their teacher. Content is based on the students ability and changes over time as the student progresses.
StarFall StarFall opened in September of 2002 as a free public service to teach children to read with phonics. No sign on needed.
TumbleBookLibrary TumbleBookLibrary is an online collection of animated, talking picture books which teach young children the joys of reading in a format they'll love.. (User name: waimea, password: books.)