Increase to YELLOW Letter from Ms. Takaki

February 10, 2021 Aloha Waimea Elementary staff, parents and guardians, I am pleased to announce that the active case numbers over the past 14-day period have dropped enough to put us into the YELLOW status on our Return to Learn Transition Plan. As I indicated earlier, with this decrease in numbers, we will be increasing our students on campus. This increase will include second and third graders who have opted into ͞blended learning͟ or ͞opƚion ϯ͟ for second semesƚer͘ It will also include some of our special needs students who were not currently on campus for in person services or instruction. In December, you were asked to make a selection for the remainder of the school year (semester 2). We thank you for that, as it is with those numbers we are able to plan a safe return for blended learners. All students who selected Option 1 or 2: Distance Learning, will remain virtual for the rest of the school year. With any increase, during this pandemic, there is much planning and preparation that must take place in order to keep everyone safe. We will be allowing for the required two-week notice so families and teachers can prepare to welcome these students back safely. We ask for your support and understanding as things are different on campus. All families affected by this transition will be contacted directly and provided with more information. Below is our YELLOW model for your reference. Please call us in the office if you have any questions. With Aloha, Kori Takaki Principal (TA)